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What Is Return Authorization?

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TickerThe number of valid returns authorized - over 99% of all returns - benefiting both shoppers and retailers.


Improved Service, Less Risk

The Retail Equation’s Verify Return Authorization solution is designed to enable the retail stores where you shop the ability to extend more liberal return policies, while still taking a proactive approach to curbing the problem of return fraud and abuse —a $17-22 billion per year problem for retailers in the United States.  Return authorization itself is not a new process and is implemented in various forms in many retail chains across North America.

Verify Return Authorization is used to identify the one percent of consumers whose behaviors indicate return fraud or abuse.  Without this system, retailers are forced to implement stricter policies such as “no receipt, no return”, or raise prices for you to offset the losses incurred from fraudulent returns.  

As part of the return authorization service, The Retail Equation (TRE) is contracted by retailers to gather their return information, store it securely, and analyze the data to develop and follow return policies for those retailers.

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FAQ: What is Verify Return Authorization?

TRE’s Verify Return Authorization System is designed to identify the 1 percent of consumers whose behaviors mimic return fraud or abuse —a $17 billion to $22 billion per year problem in the United States.

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