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TickerThe number of valid returns authorized - over 99% of all returns - benefiting both shoppers and retailers.


Articles the national media is posting on merchandise returns and return fraud issues

Filing a Chargback on Credit Card Purchases? Please Don't!

Find out why chargebacks are harmful, not an easy alternative to making a return.

View - An Open Letter from Your Local Camera Store Clerk

Purposefully purchasing and returning merchandise has an unexpected impact on the clerk who makes the sale.


Is It Wrong to Buy Clothes You Plan to Wear and Return?

Marketwatch explains why the answer is "yes."


Gift Returning 101 in an Era of Stricter Policies

This article offers a bulleted list of items to help you prepare before heading to the store.


Waco Tribune - Know Return Policies During Holiday Shopping (Nov. 4, 2015)

Friends and family trying to return holiday gifts may be even more disappointed if you didn't understand the return policy when you made the purchase.


CBS--Bad Santa? 5 Tips to Tackle Your Holiday Gift Returns (Dec. 24, 2014)

This article covers relevant factors such as the need for ID, what to do with unwanted gift cards, and more.


Mr. Modem: There’s a Right Way to Return Electronics (Mar. 30, 2015)

This article from the Star-Telegram advises how to prepare electronics for return in order to qualify for reimbursement under the seller's return policy or the product warranty. The advice applies to other merchandise as well.


National Retail Federation — Return Fraud To Cost Retailers $3.6 Billion This Holiday (Dec 19, 2014)

Return fraud costs retailers billions of dollars every year in the form of criminals who return stolen merchandise, use counterfeit receipts, or even return items already worn and/or used that are not defective. According to NRF’s 2015 Return Fraud Survey the industry will lose an estimated $15.9 billion to return fraud and abuse this year.


TIME — Why a Good Return Policy Is So Important for Retailers (Sept. 4, 2012)

While stores are doing what they can to protect themselves, shoppers must do so as well. Besides being more careful with what you buy in the first place, her are a few simple tips shoppers can take to minimize the agony of store returns.


Finances Your Way — The Ugly side of Consumer Fraud (Dec 23, 2011)

On top of the retailers losing money from the extra time and resources and possibly from being unable to resell an item, there is also a loss in sales tax revenue for states.


MSN Money — Is 'Wardrobing' Thrifty or Is It Theft? (Jul. 22, 2011)

Wardrobing – buying something that you have no intention of keeping – may sound cool and edgy, but if you called it "theft," would people still want to do it? A blog post called "Wardrobing on the rise in tough economic times" says it's no different than stealing.

View — Are You a Returnaholic? (Mar. 23, 2011)

Returnaholism is a close cousin of shopaholism, from which 6% of the country suffers. Some shopaholics also become returnaholics as a way to get around the budgetary constraints of their shopping addiction–this pattern is like the bulimia of shopping. Constantly buying and returning allows addicted shoppers to get the repeated adrenaline rush from buying, without having to suffer the consequences of a depleted bank account.


Consumer Reports — 5 steps to happy returns (Jan. 2011)

For hassle-free returns, read the fine print and follow these tips (including "take your driver's license").


FAQ: What are the Reasons Why a Consumer Would be Denied a Return?

The 1 percent of consumers who get denied exhibit return behaviors that mimic fraud or abuse or exhibit habits that are inconsistent with the retailer’s return policy.

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