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Consumer Benefits

Return Authorization Approval Ticker

TickerThe number of valid returns authorized - over 99% of all returns - benefiting both shoppers and retailers.


Helps Improve the Shopping Experience

The Retail Equation’s Verify Return Authorization solution offers you a tremendous alternative to strict, across-the-board return policies used by some retailers.

  1. Fair, Balanced and Flexible.  It allows retailers to provide their customers with a fair and balanced return process that uses an automated system, with unbiased decision-making, often allowing more flexible, lenient, and customer-friendly policies. This removes the need for a blanket policy (like no receipt, no return or a 14-day return limit), which could impact all of a retailer’s customers vs. the small percent of transactions that pose a risk.

  2. Extra Incentives.  It enables retailers to offer (if they choose) TRE's Retail Rewards targeted incentives to help accommodate you for the inconvenience of the returned item and persuade you to keep shopping in their store.  Offered in the form of a discount coupon or other incentive, these Retail Rewards may be delivered following an approved return and provide great value for your shopping loyalty.

  3. Faster, More Consistent Returns.  It helps improve each consumer’s return experience by speeding up the return process, ensuring accurate and secure data capture, and enabling consistent, chain-wide application of the retailer’s return policies.

In addition, by reducing losses due to return fraud and abuse, Verify Return Authorization helps lower retailer’s costs and helps lower prices for you.

FAQ: What are the Reasons Why a Consumer Would be Denied a Return?

The 1 percent of consumers who get denied exhibit return behaviors that mimic fraud or abuse or exhibit habits that are inconsistent with the retailer’s return policy.

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