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Revenue Optimization

Return Dollars Saved

Cost SavingsThe Retail Equation saves retailers costs annually by preventing fraudulent and abusive returns.

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There is often a disconnect between marketing efforts at the retail brand level and customer activity in the store. In today’s economy traffic drivers need to also act as conversion tools, you don’t want to lose the opportunity for a sale when the right shopper is in your store.

That’s where customer revenue optimization works – in-store, at the register, in front of the customer, in real-time. Not a home office planning tool, it delivers immediate results one customer at a time.

Using the science of predictive analytics, customer revenue optimization can harness the knowledge of your customer’s shopping behavior to deliver new revenue and margin dollars at point-of-sale and point-of-return. Provide intelligent, targeted offers to each shopper in order to increase basket size, drive repeat purchases, or recover lost sales.

  • Increase revenue, store comps, margin dollars, conversions and many other retail metrics.
  • Generate instant and targeted demand.
  • Makes existing your CRM/loyalty/promotion programs function better by creating instant action at the register.

The Retail Equation is focused on individually shaping the behavior of your customers through the science of optimization. To learn more, visit these services.

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“We also use the Return Rewards system…Our customers like it, and we like the additional sales.”

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